From Nine to NinetyWelcome to my late mother’s book: From Nine to Ninety

A collection of illustrated verse by Marjorie (Migs) Gjertsen encompassing different worlds with striking imagery and lyrical musings about things ethereal.

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It has chased her through the thicket
She is hidden in the gloom
And mockingly it watches
While she batters on her tomb.
But the dark night will not hide her
Nor the dazzle of the day –
It stabs her from the shadows –
She cannot get away.

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Professor Jones


Professor Jones went out to sea
Determined a kipper to find
He peered down from his rowing boat
Seeking to see each kind.
He saw great sharks
He saw great whales
He saw small fish
He saw sea snails
He saw the salmon
And the trout
He saw the codling
Swim about
He saw the carp
He saw the ling
He saw the gurnet
And whiting
He saw the shell fish
And the eels
He saw the pollock
And the seals –
Until he thought it all a bore
What he went to seek he never saw!

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The lovely nymph of happiness
With wings spread to the sky
She dances in the puddles –
You’ll see her if you try.
Waterways or tropic pool –
For rich for poor – for any fool.
Maybe you’ll never see her
But she is always there –
I hope you will not miss her
She is so free and fair.

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